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I often read events by the way the body can apprehend them. I point its verticality, the way it is seized by architectures or how memories are spacialized all around us.

I make sculptures — without I actually cutting them in any way — by their speechless entrenchment. Their visibility have for requirement not to be surrounded by any other body.

Sculptures can embody postures or capacities, frozen into one mood or temper. As enclosed objects they can reach an absolute of autistic integrity which evidences our impermanence. I would like to seize abstract, decontextualized instants submitted by gravity and graveness by election.

Some words are ambivalent and even though they are mostly used to talk about temperaments and moods their physical meaning can find a form in the act of sculpture :
'saisissement', 'contenance', 'retenue', 'ravissement'...

Clémence Choquet