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Nai No Kami ("essa hoisa")

We used a washing machine as a shake table, a device used to simulate earthquakes and a kamidana like an architecture model of a small Shinto shrine. We fixed the kamidana on the washing machine, and, a bit like we can do with a mikoshi (a portable shrine, vehicle for the deity, which is used during some Shinto events to move a Kami from a shrine to another and shook in order to amuse and content the Kami), we shook it to the laundry rhythm and to the sound of backwash. We painted it as best as we can, during the laundry cycle, trying to adapt our movements to the tremors

The laundry is an everyday life cleaning task which can evoke some Shinto cleansing ritual when the circular form of the drum reminds the cycle of the Earth. Both the laundry and the ritual to honour a deity respond to a routine and has to be done repeatedly.